P2040: Ethernet works in UBoot but not in SDK 1.4 (likely a device tree issue)

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P2040: Ethernet works in UBoot but not in SDK 1.4 (likely a device tree issue)

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Referring to this URL I think I have similar problem:


Ethernet works ok in UBoot (as FM1@DTSEC4) on my device but not in Linux (using SDK 1.4). My device tree is based on the one from p2041rdb.dts (everything relating to Ethernet is copied).

What magic numbers do I need from UBoot into my device tree so that it will work in Linux also?

I have the following issues:

- ping does not work normally

- if I press Enter on serial port then ping to device works for a second

- after a while, maybe a minute or so, the serial port gets locked up

Don't know if this helps:

cat /proc/interrupts


16:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      mpic-error-int

24:          0   OpenPIC   Level     pamu

25:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsl-lbc

28:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

29:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

30:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

31:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

32:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

33:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

34:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

35:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsldma-chan

36:        234   OpenPIC   Level     serial

38:          0   OpenPIC   Level     i2c-mpc, i2c-mpc

39:          0   OpenPIC   Level     i2c-mpc, i2c-mpc

53:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fsl_espi

88:          2   OpenPIC   Level     caam-jobr

89:          0   OpenPIC   Level     caam-jobr

90:          0   OpenPIC   Level     caam-jobr

91:          0   OpenPIC   Level     caam-jobr

96:          0   OpenPIC   Level     fman

122:          0   OpenPIC   Level     QMan portal 0

123:          0   OpenPIC   Level     BMan portal 0

468:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      fman-err

469:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      bman-err

470:          0   OpenPIC   Edge      qman-err

LOC:      47135   Local timer interrupts

SPU:          0   Spurious interrupts

CNT:          0   Performance monitoring interrupts

MCE:          0   Machine check exceptions

After bring up the device and try ping the QMan portal 0 jumps very high!

ifconfig eth2 netmask

// try ping device here

122:     105497   OpenPIC   Level     QMan portal 0

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Please see below technical support comment:

I have tested Freescale SDK 1.4 on the P2041RDB board. The FM1@DTSEC4 is the fm1-gb3 under Linux. It can correctly "pinged" after IP address assigning using "ifconfig" command.

It looks like your configuration is not correct if serial port is available after a minute.

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