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s19 file convert to hex

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Hi :

    I want  to convert a ".s19" file created by codewarror 5.1 IDE to  ".hex" file.but the IDE can't support.

How can I convert success and burn it into MC9s12G128 MCU.         


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


There is a tool called burner.exe located in {Install}\Prog

This tool can be used to convert a Motorola S record file into an Intel Hex file

Please refer to {Install}\Help\PDF\Build_Tools_Utilities.pdf chapter Burner Utility for more information about this tool.


After that, can you, please, try the instruction below?

You can use free special Codewarrior to program burn files into flash. This tool is called hiwave.exe. Thus, you needn’t purchase the license but can use free edition program flash.
The method is as below:
1.   Install Codewarrior.
2.   make sure the hardware is well connected with the PC.
3.   open Hiwave debugger “Hiwave.exe” in {Your CW install directory}\prog
4.   then in the debugger, go to menu “component”, “set connection…”. In the new pop-up small dialog, in the dropdown list, select HC12 and P&E Multilink/Cyclone Pro. Click OK to close this dialog.
5.   go to the menu “HC12MultilinkCyclonePro”, “Select derivative”, select the right device chip.
6.   go to menu “HC12MultilinkCyclonePro”, “connect”, Set the right connection.
7.   go to the menu “File”, “Load application…”. Import the .s19 or .hex file into the debugger. You could have a browse the content at the memory window of the debugger.
8.   Press F5 to run. The code should download into the flash.


I hope it helps.

Best regards,


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