Missing includes when building simw with SE05X_Ver=06_00

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Missing includes when building simw with SE05X_Ver=06_00

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Question related to: simw,SE05X,SE051

We have built the simw v03.00.02 with SE05X_Ver=06_00. In another project, when we include se05x_APDU_apis.h we get an error for a missing included header (se05x_04_xx_APDU_apis.h):

/usr/include/se05x/se05x_APDU_apis.h:5794:10: fatal error: se05x_04_xx_APDU_apis.h: No such file or directory
| 5794 | #include "se05x_04_xx_APDU_apis.h"
| | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
| compilation terminated.


And the offending lines in se05x_APDU_apis.h (line 5794) that triggers this error looks like this:

#if SSS_HAVE_SE05X_VER_GTE_04_04
#include "se05x_04_xx_APDU_apis.h"

This does not happen if I build without "-DSE05X_Ver=06_00".

My complete list of cmake arguments for building the simw is:

-DSE05X_Ver=06_00 -DHost=iMXLinux -DApplet=SE05X_C -DSMCOM=T1oI2C -DHostCrypto=OPENSSL -DSCP=SCP0 3_SSS -DWithSharedLIB=ON -DLog=Silent


Before I start making any non-standard hacks for including the missing header files I need to make sure I am not missing something or doing anything wrong when building the simw, so I my question is as follows:

Why is se05x_04_xx_APDU_apis.h not getting installed? What am I missing? Does something else need to be added if I want to build support for SE05X_Ver 06_00?


//tnx in advance, Andreas Bank @axis Communications AB

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi @andreas_bank ,


I just have the feedback from the expert team ,and they are working on this kind of issue and it will be fixed in the next release.


Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Have a great day,

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