Interrupt parameter: device tree configuration?

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Interrupt parameter: device tree configuration?

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I am currently writing a device tree node to configure NXP SCI6IS752 Dual Channel UART with I2C which is connected to the slave address 0x4d. I am also using a clock of 1.8432MHz. The IRQ pin of SCISIS752 is attached to an IO Expander GPIO which is gpiopin 456 in my case. My dts configuration:


sc16is752@4d {     compatible = "nxp,sc16is752";     reg = <0x4d>;      clocks = <&sc16is752_clk>;     interrupt-parent = <&gpio3>;     interrupts = <7 2>;      gpio-controller;     #gpio-cells = <2>;      sc16is752_clk: sc16is752_clk {         compatible = "fixed-clock";         #clock-cells = <0>;         clock-frequency = <1843200>;     };};


How do I set the values of interrupt-parent and interrupts for this configuration?

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