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no feedback when using command line "UsbdmFlashProgrammer.exe -requiredBdm=USBDM-JS16-SWD_SER-0001 -target=s12z -device=MC9S12ZVL32 -erase=mass -program -verify -secure"

but from program sets the error code to 0 on success, non-zero otherwise.

how to solve the issue?

PS, USBDM version is and win10 64bit, and GUI mode works fine.

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Hi i am new with usbdm,

How can i get the result to know if the processor has been programed or not using cmd?

what should i add to see the result in this command.

"start/wait UsbdmFlashProgrammer.exe -requiredBdm=USBDM-JS16-SWD_SER-0001 -target=s12z -device=MC9S12ZVL32 -erase=mass -program"


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I also had this same problem when using the application.

In order to receive the appropriate error code from the command line, use "start/wait" to run the application.

For example, using the command you posted "start/wait UsbdmFlashProgrammer.exe -requiredBdm=USBDM-JS16-SWD_SER-0001 -target=s12z -device=MC9S12ZVL32 -erase=mass -program -verify -secure"

The reason running the application on the command line without "start/wait" does not work as expected is that the application is inherently a GUI application, therefore when run from the command line, the console does not wait for the application's process to complete execution.

On a side note, the "-program" command option also includes verify, therefore you don't need to include a "-verify" in the command. You can use "-verify" without "-program" if you specifically want to verify only.

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