3phase BLDC driver program upload by CVF1 OSBDM/OSJTAG device

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3phase BLDC driver program upload by CVF1 OSBDM/OSJTAG device

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Hello everyone!

I have 3PHASELV-KIT: 3-Phase BLDC/PMSM Low-Voltage Motor Control Drive and I have a question for that. I'm using it with HCS08MP16 daughter board. I also have MCF51CN board which I want to use as a debugger for my MP16 daughter board.  MCF51CN board can be debugged by Mini USB cable. In CodeWarrior 6.3 the connection is viewed as CFV1 FSL Open Source BDM. This is the way I communicate my MCF51CN board with computer. Then I'd like to connect BDM which is on MCF51CN board with BDM on MP16 daughter board. I try to use for it female tape wire like in the picture. I don't have any other BDM programmer and only I can use to upload program on my BLDC engine is BDM on MCF51CN board.


I don't know how avoid programming of processor on MCF51CN board and send my code on MP16 board to steer the engine. I think it's not impossible.
If you have any solutions or ideas please help me with it.
With best regards.
Pawel Niewiadomski

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