imx8mq, how to change the ddr data rate.

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imx8mq, how to change the ddr data rate.

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My board of imx8mq always crash, but the time is not same.  It can crash after 1 hours or more hours, but some one can run ok until two days. I can't find the reason, but I attempt to slow the ddr data rate to reduce the probability of it's crash. 

So, how can I change the ddr data rate. I only know it coded in the uboot, can you help me? Thank you very much!

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Thanks for your replay!

when i flow the "iMX 8M Mini Register Programming Aid DRAM PLL setting", It says :

 2. Next, in the RPA DDR stress test file worksheet tab search for “memory set 0x30360054”.  The address “0x30360054” is for the DRAM PLL register address and its setting needs to be updated to the desired frequency. 

But I can't find the "memory set 0x30360054"

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