Multiple NDEF records visualized in TagXplorer

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Multiple NDEF records visualized in TagXplorer

Multiple NDEF records visualized in TagXplorer

Hello NFC Community!

This document demonstrates that multiple records can be also read from a Tag with TagXplorer. Please follow the steps below.

Let's begin...

Please make sure that you have written more than on record with NXP TagWriter app.


For a more detailed explanation on this, please refer to the following document:

Writing multiple NDEF text records with TagWrite app 

The app can be found and downloaded from the Play Store:

NFC TagWriter by NXP - Apps on Google Play 

-> Connect the reader in TagXplorer


-> Place the card on the reader and press Connect Tag


-> Check for NDEF (1) and then, read NDEF (2).

The Text Records can be visualized in the NDEF Payload Info below:


I hope this is of great help!

Ivan R.

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