Integrating FreeRTOS in code generation

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Integrating FreeRTOS in code generation

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Good afternoon,

I've read in slide #2 of "Model-Based Design Toolbox Marketing Presentation" that it is possible to integrate FreeRTOS in MBD projects (simulink models). Do you have any documentation or guidelines about it?

Is something like "FreeRTOS blockset" or toolbox available? I would expect the possibility to release the whole software of my ECU directly from simulink models (embedded coder). Through NXP MBD toolbox I've checked that I can put I/O read/write, timers, ISR, my simulink models, but what about scheduling? Or FreeRTOS features in general?

Thanks in advance!

Best Regards,

Alessandro Pintabona

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hi alessandropintabona‌,

Short answer - the FreeRTOS is not integrated in Simulink Blocks. 

I'm responsible for creating that slide deck - and now I see that unintentionally I've introduced a misleading information. Sorry for that.

The scope of the slide was to show that the entire code-generation sits on top of the NXP's official SDK release which in turn is a SW production ready software. The FreeRTOS is part of the SDK collection of features and so far Model-Based design is not covering 100% of SDK feature (FreeRTOS being one of them)

Hope this clarify the confusion.

Best regards,

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Dear dumitru-daniel.popa‌,

I was checking on the compliance of MBD Tool for S32K1xx with FreeRTOS.

As your answer was NO in the same earlier discussion during 2017.

Please let me know if is compliant now.


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I haven't found any yet. Years ago I messed around with learning .tlc / RTW and made a bare bones Simulink target for ChibiOS: GitHub - jed-frey/ChibiOS_SimulinkBlockset: ChibiOS Blockset 

However recently they've changed around the 'preferred' way to do stuff like that and made it a lot easier to do.

There's the 'toolchain' method: Adding a Custom Toolchain - MATLAB & Simulink 

And a new way to make a target: Develop a Target - MATLAB & Simulink