Freescale MQX™ patch release

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Freescale MQX™ patch release

Freescale MQX™ patch release

Hi All,

The new Freescale MQX™ patch release is now available on the

·         Files available





Freescale   MQX RTOS Patch

This   patch release is based on the MQX™ RTOS 4.0.2 release and provides the   solutions to software issues identified in the released version. This patch   release applies to all the BSPs.

·         Patch Description

This patch provides the software workarounds for the following issues identified in MQX 4.0.2 release:

o   ENGR00278434

§  Vybrid ARM Cortex®-A5: The float context is not properly saved when a task is blocked.

§  Affected BSPs: TWR-VF65GS10, AutoEVB Vybrid

o   ENGR00273581

§  A memory allocation problem occurs when the system is out of memory.

§  Affected all BSPs

o   ENGR00276466

§  Events are sometimes triggered immediately after they are added.

§  Affected all BSPs

o   ENGR00279275

§  RTCS connect failures via Dell router

§  Affected all BSPs

·         Known issues

o   For known issues and limitations please consult the release notes document.

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