SDK Freemaster_MPC56xx_1.9.0 question

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SDK Freemaster_MPC56xx_1.9.0 question

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SDK Freemaster_MPC56xx_1.9.0 question,  i use mpc57xp family core , i meet a problem when i try to build my project。

the error is SDK FreeMaster_MPC56xx_1.9.0_com.freescale.s32ds.cross.gnu.e200.toolChain,ghs.managedmake.ppc.executable.toolchain - ABSENT,com.windriver.cdt.diab.toolChain.exe.balanced - ABSENT is not found in workspace.

this say mpc56xx-1.9.0 toolchain is not my workspace ,i try to add some path in my project,but is don't work . i need hep to solute this question.

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