Protecting Peripherals of MPC5777C using MPU

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Protecting Peripherals of MPC5777C using MPU

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I am working on the MPU of MPC5777C and experimenting on the Multi-core scenario for the same. So, for my experiment, I need to protect the peripherals of MPC5777C using MPU's RGD by not giving the permissions of Read-Write in WORD2 of MPU. I have done the configurations for SIU in CORE_0 by not giving the permissions to Read-Write from CORE_1 but from CORE_0 it(SIU) can access. 

But on testing, the SIU is accessible from both the Cores, and CORE_1 was not supposed to access it according to the configurations done.

Please let me know how to protect the peripherals of MPC5777C. The configurations what I have done are below:

Configuration during Initialization: 

/* Protecting whole Peripheral Bridge A memory location as SIU in under PBRIDGE A*/
MPU.RGD[2].WORD0.R = 0xC3E00000; /* Start address */
MPU.RGD[2].WORD1.R = 0xFFDFFFFF; /* End address */
MPU.RGD[2].WORD2.R = 0xFF7DF000; /* Read-write-execute not allowed for all master from core_0 and core_1 */
MPU.RGD[2].WORD3.R = 0x00000001; /* Mark descriptor as valid */

Re-Configuring the only SIU memory location in PBRIDGE A:

/* Re-Configure PBRIDGE-A memory location for SIU only */ As here Overlapping of permissions happens b/n RGD.
/* Configure the peripheral SIU of PBRIDGE-A */
MPU.RGD[6].WORD0.R = 0xC3F90000; /* Start address */
MPU.RGD[6].WORD1.R = 0xC3F93FFF; /* End address */
MPU.RGD[6].WORD2.R = 0xFF7DF65F; /* Read-write-execute allowed for all master from core_0, but not allowed from core_1 */
MPU.RGD[6].WORD3.R = 0x00000001; /* Mark descriptor as valid */

So, please let me know is this is correct or there is another way to protect peripherals of MPC5777C using MPU in such a way that one CORE is able to access but other CORE not able to access the same peripheral.

Hoping for your quick response.

Thanks & Regard,


Parth Rastogi
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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Parth,

this is copied from the reference manual:

"Priority given to granting permission over denying access for overlapping region descriptors"

If descriptor 2 allows access for all masters and descriptor 6 forbids access to the same area (or sub-area) then access is allowed. So, it's supposed to be done in opposite way.