LINFlexD driver for MPC5777M or MPC5748G

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LINFlexD driver for MPC5777M or MPC5748G

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Hi,  Martin Kovar Peter Vlna Petr Stancik igorpadykovDavid Tosenovjan @

I am new in an Embedded side, I want to develop LINFlexD protocol driver for any of EVB MPC5777M/ MPC5748G.

Can anyone provide me useful documents for LINFlexD protocol.

I also want sample code for MPC5777M or MPC5748G EVB board and Which pin i need to connect on board ( which connection is required for that on board )  ?

Moreover, I refer reference manual for LINFlexD of both MPC5777M/MPC5748G but I did-not get How to receive the data !!

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


The Reference Manual describes the functionality in LINFlex chapters “Master” and “Slave”. Moreover chapter “Programming consideration” gives you basic insight into various configurations in which modules can be used.


Simple LINFlex Master/Slave example is given here

You can easily reuse it for the MPC5777M or MPC5748G, the module is the same, just properly configure pins.

For the MPC5777M the possible configuration is mentioned in  


BR, Petr