Inquiries about Flash ECC Test for MPC5777C

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Inquiries about Flash ECC Test for MPC5777C

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Dear NXP Engineers,

I am checking the 1 or 2 bit ECC error detection function by referring to the application note(Error Correction Codes Implemented on MPC5777C or MPC5775B/E) you provided.

Regarding that, I have two questions.

1. If adress 0x00400060 is read, an interrupt is generated by the 2-bit Error Detection condition, but if adress  0x00400040 is read, an interrupt is not generated by the 1-bit Error Correction condition.
In the application note, there are no other conditions other than the Read of 0x00400040 area to inject 1 bit error. Is an additional procedure required for 1-bit error injection?

2. After injection of 2-bit error detection, it seems that exception handlers are continuously generated when the CPU reads FCCU-related registers. If this is a normal operation, what should I do to stop exception handler from occurring continuously?

I look forward to your reply.

thank you

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

1) Single-bit error reporting needs to be enabled by SBCE bit. It is stated in section 9.3 of mentioned document.


2) I need to add FCCU chapter, as these examples codes does not use FCCU at all, it is also option. If FCCU is used, it is needed to handle FCCU alarm/fault as well. At this moment I would recommend to see following appnotes, where using of FCCU is described:

Using FCCU on MPC5744P:


Error Correction Codes Implemented on MPC5744P:




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