Executing HW interrupt in MPC5744P using (SIUL2_REQ30)(GPIO92 Switch)

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Executing HW interrupt in MPC5744P using (SIUL2_REQ30)(GPIO92 Switch)

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I want to enable Hardware interrupt on pressing of a switch. If I press the switch GPIO92(MPC5744P) the ISR should be executed. I am new to this controller If anyone Could point out where I am wrong, I would be very thankfull.

Thanks in advance!!!!

I tried the following:


 SIUL2.MSCR[45].R = 0x32000000;  //PA[0] GPIO - LED1
   SIUL2.GPDO[45].R = 1;
  // SIUL2.MSCR[92].B.IBE = 1;
   //SIUL2.GPDI[92].B.PDI = 1;
   /*SW1 init*/
   SIUL2.MSCR[92].R = 0x00090000;  //IBE, Pull-down
   SIUL2.DIRER0.R = 0x00000002;      //enable interrupt
   SIUL2.IREER0.R = 0x00000002;      //rising edge event enabled
   SIUL2.IFER0.R = 0x00000002;   //enable interrupt filter
   SIUL2.IMCR[203].R = 0x00000001;
SIUL2.GPDO[45].R = ~SIUL2.GPDO[45].R;
 INTC_0.PSR[243].R = 0x8005;  //Set priority for SW1 interrupt
                              //# PROLOGUE
  e_stwu  r1, -0x50 (r1)      //# Create stack frame and store back chain
  se_stw  r3,  0x28 (r1)      //# Store a working register
                              //# Note: use se_ form for r0-7, r24-41 with positive offset
  mfsrr0  r3         //# Store SRR0:1 (must be done before enabling EE)
  se_stw  r3,  0x0C (r1)
  mfsrr1  r3
  se_stw  r3,  0x10 (r1)
  wrteei  1                     //# Set MSR[EE]=1
  e_stw   r12, 0x4C (r1)        //# Store rest of gprs
  e_stw   r11, 0x48 (r1)
  e_stw   r10, 0x44 (r1)
  e_stw   r9,  0x40 (r1)
  e_stw   r8,  0x3C (r1)
  se_stw  r7,  0x38 (r1)
  se_stw  r6,  0x34 (r1)
  se_stw  r5,  0x30 (r1)
  se_stw  r4,  0x2C (r1)
  se_stw  r0,  0x24 (r1)
  mfcr    r3                    //# Store CR
  se_stw  r3,  0x20 (r1)
  mfxer   r3                    //# Store XER
  se_stw  r3,  0x1C (r1)
  se_mfctr r3                   //# Store CTR
  se_stw  r3,  0x18 (r1)
  se_mflr r4                    //# Store LR
  se_stw  r4,  0x14 (r1)

  e_bl   SW1_ISR                //# Branch to ISR, but return here
                                //# EPILOGUE
  se_lwz  r3,  0x14 (r1)        //# Restore LR
  se_mtlr r3
  se_lwz  r3,  0x18 (r1)        //# Restore CTR
  se_mtctr r3
  se_lwz  r3,  0x1C (r1)        //# Restore XER
  mtxer   r3
  se_lwz  r3,  0x20 (r1)        //# Restore CR
  mtcrf   0xff, r3
  se_lwz  r0,  0x24 (r1)        //# Restore other gprs except working registers
  se_lwz  r5,  0x30 (r1)
  se_lwz  r6,  0x34 (r1)
  se_lwz  r7,  0x38 (r1)
  e_lwz   r8,  0x3C (r1)
  e_lwz   r9,  0x40 (r1)
  e_lwz   r10, 0x44 (r1)
  e_lwz   r11, 0x48 (r1)
  e_lwz   r12, 0x4C (r1)
  mbar    0                     //# Ensure store to clear interrupt flag bit completed
  e_lis   r3, INTC_EOIR@ha      //# Load upper half of EIOR address to r3
  se_li    r4, 0
  wrteei  0                     //# Disable interrupts for rest of handler
  e_stw   r4, INTC_EOIR@l(r3)   //# Write 0 to proc'r 0 INTC_EIOR
  se_lwz   r3,  0x0C (r1)       //# Restore SRR0
  mtsrr0  r3
  se_lwz  r3,  0x10 (r1)        //# Restore SRR1
  mtsrr1  r3
  se_lwz  r4,  0x2C (r1)        //# Restore working registers
  se_lwz  r3,  0x28 (r1)
  e_add16i r1, r1, 0x50         //# Delete stack frame
  se_rfi                        //# End of Interrupt
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