Example MPC5777C External SRAM_test GHS714

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Example MPC5777C External SRAM_test GHS714

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Example MPC5777C External SRAM_test GHS714

* Detailed Description:
* Application performs basic initialization then it initializes EBI for external
* SRAM connected to MPC5777C-516DS and test it by write and read of block of
* data.
* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
* Test HW:         MPC5777C-512DS Rev.A + MPC57xx MOTHER BOARD Rev.C
* MCU:             PPC5777CMM03 3N45H
* Fsys:            PLL1 = core_clk = 264MHz, PLL0 = 192MHz
* Debugger:        Lauterbach Trace32
* Target:          internal_FLASH
* Terminal:        19200-8-no parity-1 stop bit-no flow control on eSCI_A
* EVB connection:  jumper J4 on position 1-2 (choosing CS0)


 Hi David

 Is there any MPC5777C External SRAM test example base on s32ds for power architecture?



Unfortunately not. But it should not be difficult to port it as the whole setting in located in main.c file.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried to port the example you mentioned to s32,but it does not work. 

IDE : S32DS for Power Architecture

OS : windows10

Project : freertos_mpc5777c example  project in S32SDK for Power Architecture

My steps as flows:

1. Change J4 to choose CS0

2. Config MMU Registers in file startup_MPC5777C.s

3.  Modify SRAM Init function

4. Called in main function

It does not work as expected. 



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