Running i.MX RT1050 from external SDRAM using serial downloader without JLinkScript

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Running i.MX RT1050 from external SDRAM using serial downloader without JLinkScript

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I want to start my i.MX RT1050 firmware using dedicated PC application using serial downloader and USB cable. I allready made such an application using QT framework and it works very well. The problem is I want to use external SDRAM memory.

I successfully run example from NXP SDK choosing Import SDK example -> demo_apps -> hello_world then checking "link application to RAM" and its done

Linker tells that program lended in SDRAM


Memory region         Used Size  Region Size  %age Used
     BOARD_FLASH:          0 GB        64 MB      0.00%
     BOARD_SDRAM:       24260 B        30 MB      0.08%
   NCACHE_REGION:          0 GB         2 MB      0.00%
        SRAM_DTC:          0 GB       128 KB      0.00%
        SRAM_ITC:          0 GB       128 KB      0.00%
         SRAM_OC:          0 GB       256 KB      0.00%
Finished building target: evkbimxrt1050a_hello_world.axf


JLink server confirms that the data went to SDRAM memory


Downloading 15812 bytes @ address 0x80000000 - Verified OK


 Program run and works, debuging also works.

But it stops working when I turn off JLinkScript from debug menu (path ${SDK_SCRIPTS}/evkbimxrt1050_sdram_init.jlinkscript)

I want to use serial downloader every time my firmware starts and I would like to move SDRAM initialization to DCD section so I dont need JLinkScripts but I failed to. Is there any shortcut? An working example of this kind of configuration? I failed to find such in SDK examples. I find configuring this kind of setup difficult since depending on what I start with I have to modify DCD section or linker script and potential failures are hard to debug and fix.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello dajq,

The following document may be of help to achieve what you want.

In this case, since you want to load the application to SDRAM, you would need to first use a bootloader that will copy the application to SDRAM, task that’s currently being performed by the JLinkScrip.

I hope that this information helps!


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