FRDM-K64F 0 Swd devices detected

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FRDM-K64F 0 Swd devices detected

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Dear NXP,

I am trying to get my FRDM-K64F board working with first example project, but facing many roadblocks.

I have updated the bootloader such that the mass storage is enumerated as DAPLINK. If I press reset and then apply power, it is enumerated as BOOTLOADER

My OS is windows 10. The device gets listed in ports (device manager) as Simply a USB serial device (COM18)

Under other devices, I see WebUSB: CMSIS-DAP with a yellow triangle - some driver issue.

A lot of forums inform that I don't need to install serial driver, which if I do, the port gets listed (sometimes) as an mbed serial port.

I am using MCUXpresso version 11.2 (latest) as the IDE. Imported an example (bubble) from SDK. The program builds ok, detects the DAP link, but then stops with an error dialog box stating 0 swd devices detected. Tried many forums but could not find a solution yet. Your help is really appreciated, as without that, I can not utilize the board at all

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i had the same problem.

It wasnt because bricked board.

All i had to do in mcuXpresso was goto quickstart panel, under debug, and hold the shift key while clicking on Debug in quckstart panel to force re-discovery,  Then it found it and was able to debug correctly.

I had previous flashed the 0253_K20DX_FRDMK64F_0X5000.BIN in bootloader mode.

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Prerak,


Most likely your board is bricked. It has been reported that OpenSDA v2/2.1 bootloader could be corrupted when the board is plugged into a Windows 10 machine. For details and more information on resolving this issue, please refer to this community post.


If you have further questions please do not hesitate to let me know.


Have a great day,




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