MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.1 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.1 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.1 (build 8255) is now available.

This is a maintenance release that builds upon the previous MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.0 release, and we recommend that all existing users download and install this new version.


Installer Downloads 

To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 



Additional information can be found in the updated User Guide and other documentation, which can be accessed from the built in help system available via IDE's Help menu and in PDF form from within the installation directory or downloaded from:


Notification of future releases 

To receive notifications about future releases, please follow: MCUXpresso IDE - Release History 


Summary of Changes - version 11.6.1 - October 2022

  • Upgraded: Newer SEGGER J-Link software (v7.70d).

  • Upgraded: Version v12.1 of MCUXpresso Config Tools.

  • Improvement: [Flash drivers] Included K32W041AM flash driver in layout examples.

  • Fixed: [SWO][RT1170] SWO trace timing is not accurate when the trace clock is different from the core clock (e.g. for Cortex-M7 based devices). This misbehavior is visible in SWO Interrupts view.

  • Fixed: [SWO][Counters] Cycle counter does not update while running and the Total value is wrong.

  • Fixed: [NPW] Failed to create correct project for K22FX512 and SDK 2.3.1.

  • Fixed: [NPW] Can’t use New Project wizard with two SDKs for the same board.

  • Fixed: [NPW] SDK_DEBUGCONSOLE_UART option (which redirects the standard printf to UART) ignored when importing SDK examples.

  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Error thrown at build on FRDM-KL0Z from Import SDK example.

  • Fixed: [Flash drivers] In provided /ide/Examples/Flashdrivers/NXP/iMXRT/, the octal flash RST control pin needs to be 0xOD (1.8V) instead 0x0A (3.3V).

  • Fixed: [Project Manager] Missing Floating Point options for Cortex-M33 architecture.

Known issues

  • Please follow the KnownIssues.txt file from installation layout for a detailed list.
  • Note. Additional issues that will be found post-release will be added in an online version also aiming to describe workarounds when available.
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