MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.0 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.0 Now Available

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MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.0 Now Available

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso IDE v11.6.0 (build 8187) is now available. This is a major new version of the IDE and contains new features, enhancements and bug fixes over the previous versions, including latest announced MCUXpresso IDE v11.5.1.


Installer Downloads

To download the installers for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 



Additional information can be found in the updated User Guide and other documentation, which can be accessed from the built in help system available via IDE's Help menu and in PDF form from within the installation directory or downloaded from:


Notification of future releases

To receive notifications about future releases, please follow: MCUXpresso IDE - Release History 


Summary of Changes - version 11.6.0 - July 2022

  • Upgraded: Newer SEGGER J-Link software (v7.66e).
  • Upgraded: Newer PEmicro plugin (v5.2.6).
  • Upgraded: Newer xPack Windows Build Tools (v4.3.0-1).
  • Upgraded: Update for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.
  • Upgraded: Eclipse version to 2021.12 (Eclipse Platform 4.22.0 / CDT 10.5.0).
  • Upgraded: GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain to version 10.3-2021.10.
  • Upgraded: Version v12 of MCUXpresso Config Tools.
  • Added: [NPI] IMXRT1040 support.
  • Feature: [Power Profile] Added Power Profile feature aiming to correlate energy/power measurement with SWO trace.

Note. This feature requires firmware version MCU-LINK CMSIS-DAP v2.263 (or greater).

  • Feature: [Energy Measurement][Power Profile] Add analog data traffic statistics information for energy/power based views.
  • Feature: [Zephyr RTOS] Added GDB thread awareness for LinkServer debug connection and Threads view support.
  • Feature: [SDK Integration] Support to allow sub-manifest under the same SDK.
    • Adapted SDK Creator for creating split manifest.
    • Update "Contribute project to SDK Git repository" feature to work with the new sub-manifests.
  • Improvement: [IDE] Ability to control enablement of map/linker parser. Added three options in Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Editor Awareness which allow users to enable or disable the map parser, the GNU linker parser and the Linker Script template parser. IDE needs restart in order for the changes to take effect. This only works when starting the IDE in clean mode (for example, adding -clean in the .ini file).
  • Improvement: [SDK Integration] Display multiple suggested remote GitHub NXP repos.
  • Improvement: [SDK Integration] Create a unique name for a SDK Git Repository.
  • Improvement: [SDK Integration] Make all project components optional. In this way the user may select any component that goes in the generated project so "minimal project" can be achieved.
  • Improvement: [SDK Integration] Highlight unsatisfied dependency on core specific component.
  • Improvement: [Energy Measurement] Mark the non-plotable area (suspended or trigger-off) as not available - no plots or lines.
  • Improvement: [Peripherals+] Highlight the field(s) that changed when the register has changed.
  • Improvement: [IDE] strip and symdefs command missing in Preferences -> MCUXpresso IDE -> Utilities.
  • Fixed: [IDE] "Save As" Perspective makes Restart toolbar group to disappear.
  • Fixed: [IDE] IDE freezes for too long if opening the Global Variables View.
  • Fixed: [IDE] Blue debug icon only enabled if QuickStart View is present.
  • Fixed: [IDE] Trying to use QuickStart View debug buttons can easily trigger flash erase when QuickStart View window is smaller.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LinkServer] Restart of suspended FreeRTOS application fails on LPC55S16.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LinkServer] Suspend timeout in "all-stop" mode while stepping over assembly loop.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LinkServer][macOS] Support for simultaneous debug sessions is broken.
  • Fixed: [Debugger] "GDB crash - internal-error: virtual memory exhausted" debugger reported error. This was indirectly fixed by:
    • Fix FreeRTOS SP offset (LinkServer GDB thread awareness reported an incorrect value for the SP register with FreeRTOS applications);
    • Document the LR stack unwind issue on FreeRTOS.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LinkServer][RT1170] When RT1170 is configured to use CM4 as primary (booting) core, flashing application fails if the default VECTREST is used as flash driver reset handling.
  • Fixed: [Debugger][LinkServer] Sometimes the semihost console does not completely print or is empty.
  • Fixed: [Peripherals+][RT1170] CCM registers incorrect base addresses for GPR and OSCPLLx registers.
  • Fixed: [SWO][Debug console] [LPC812] Wrong ROM base table address.
  • Fixed: [SWO][ITM Console] If "clear console" button is used, a lot of items are then lost.
  • Fixed: [SWO][ITM Console] Output is slow and duplicated on LinkServer.
  • Fixed: [Image Info] Callgraph fails to display information for linked folders.
  • Fixed: [Dark theme] Some table entries in "Heap and Stack Usage" view display light theme colors.
  • Fixed: [FreeRTOS] Failed to populate TaskList View in FreeRTOS when backward compatibility flag is set.
  • Fixed: [Flash Programmer] Flash driver "ChecksumSectors" error Ef(38) using LPC845-BRK board.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Import project wizard option "Use floating point version of printf" does not properly set preprocessor macros.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration] Incorrect FPU settings in threadx_lib project.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration][GitHub] A project created from an exported C library project does not build.
  • Fixed: [SDK Integration][SDK 2.11] In certain situations, adding components to project might result in missing header file compile errors.
  • Fixed: [Global Variables] Wrong values (sometimes negative ones) appear on the plot's Oy axis.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Sometimes, cancelling the measurement export does not work.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Negative values on t0 label for Ox axis might be encountered after board configuration.
  • Fixed: [Energy Measurement] Channel switch (power -> current) will show wrong scale values.


Known issues

  • Please follow the KnownIssues.txt file from installation layout for a detailed list.
  • Note. Additional issues that will be found post-release will be added in an online version also aiming to describe workarounds when available.
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