Using QSPI_B_SCK (cfg_dram_type) pin at power on and run time

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Using QSPI_B_SCK (cfg_dram_type) pin at power on and run time

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In a custom ls1046 board,

At power on, QSPI_B_SCK (cfg_dram_type) pin is used to select DRAM type (0-DDR4, 1-reserved) and It can be configured to work as QSPI B clock in run time.

I am using DDR4 in my board, so i have pulled down QSPI_B_SCK pin (to GND) by a 4.7K resistor. 

At run time, i am connecting this pin to a non-flash device in a QSPI B interface.

I have configured RCW settings of QSPI-B properly but unable to generate clock on QSPI_B_SCK pin.

Can i use QSPI_B_SCK pin in this way ? (i.e., both at power on and run time).

If not, please suggest me the proper way to configure/connect QSPI_B_SCK pin, so that i should be able to use it at power on and also during run time.

Thanks in advance.


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