LS1012A DPAA reference manual

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LS1012A DPAA reference manual

Contributor I

Could anyone point me to the DPAA Reference Manual for the LS1012A? I was able to find one for the LS1043, but not the LS1012.

I am interested the memory map for the Ethernet MAC (eMAC), which unfortunately is not documented in QorIQ LS1012A Reference Manual. I see it documented in the LS1043ADPAA Reference Manual in Chapter 6, Multirate Ethernet Media Access Controller (mEMAC). I would like to find the corresponding documentation for the LS1012A.

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Contributor III

The LS1012A does not containt DPAA hardware (FMan, QMan etc.). LS1012A has Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE). Regarding the PFE, see the forum's thread:

LS1012A - Packet Forwarding Engine ? 

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