Can I move my LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition) installation to another machine?

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Can I move my LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition) installation to another machine?

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Note: This FAQ applies to LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition) only. If you are using LPCXpresso IDE (Free Edition), the please see:

An LPCXpresso IDE (Pro Edition) installation may be transferred (rehosted) from one machine to another (with the proviso for single seat Activations that this does not occur more than twice per 30 days).

It is recommended that the original Installation is first deactivated (when possible).

From the original installation select:

Help -> Activate LPCXpresso (Pro Edition) -> Deactivate

The password used during installation will be required to complete the Deactivation.

If successful, a dialogue will be displayed showing the reduced capabilities of the Deactivated Product.


If the deactivation cannot be performed on the local machine (for example due to a hardware failure) deactivation may be performed from the 'mySoftwareLicense' web portal. LPCXpresso IDE can now be installed and activated on another computer.

Please note that for Multi-Seat versions of LPCXpresso IDE:

  • if this deactivation is not performed, the seat will not be released

Finally, if your Activation code is for a single seat and you do not deactivate your existing installation then a new installation and activation will effectively deactivate the previous installation but this may restrict your ability to move again within a 30 day period.

For further information please see the FAQ:

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