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Simulink Toolbox for lpc1768

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I am working right now on a project with the NXP Lpc1768. 

My task is to implement  control system in Matlab Simulink. The idea about that is due to code generation I will get the code in c/c++ and I can run it on the micro controller.  

The embedded code Generator from Matlab Simulink should support the LPC17xx series. (NXP Support from Embedded Coder - Hardware Support - MATLAB & Simulink )

Due to my research my I figured out that there is a number of supported toolboxes for Simulink for a variety of controllers from NXP. In that list Model-Based Design Toolbox | NXP  there is no such package for the used LPC1768. 

My question is there any possibility that one of the toolboxes in the above link will work? 

There is not even one for the ARM M3 architecture.

Otherwise I guess I need to implement the handling of my Sensor values and outputs by myself. 

Thanks for your help.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

Hello Luk,

As you mention the  Model-Based Design Toolboxdoes not support the LPC1768. Unfortunately we dont have information on the Simulink Matlab toolbox, I recommend to speak with their support team regarding the toolboxes that they support.

Best Regards,


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