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Programming using Python

Contributor IV

Is it possible to write code for NXP controllers using python scripting?

Present using devices: LPC17xx, LPC546xx, LPC1519, MKE04 series, LPC8XX series.

If any of the device supports python, please suggest the IDE. Present using IDE: Keil

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Senior Contributor V

Very very unlikely, given the size of the python runtime vs the amount of Flash on Ram on ANY microcontroller. I have seen a thing called microPython which claims to fit in 256k of Flash and 16k of RAM, but I don't know if that is available on NXP devices.

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Contributor II

MicroyPthon is available for some i.MX RT10xx controllers. See for binaries, and the MicroPyhton GitHub repository for the source code. The port is evolving, and its two other MicroPython users and me pushing it forward.  Until now, it is not tested on MIMXRT1060_EVK and MIMXRT1064_EVK boards, since these are on back-order at the common suppliers, with lead times of 6-12 months. So if someone is listening which has access to these board models, it would be helpful to test the firmware on these. Just upload them. If all works fine, there should be a REPL prompt at the USB port, and the internal flash should contain a lfs2 file system.

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