tip on how to build Kinetis SDK in Linux

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tip on how to build Kinetis SDK in Linux

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The new Kinetis SDK 1.0 Beta supports building and debugging on Linux systems.  I just got it to build on mine.  Just required a very simple modification to a single file to tell it where my gcc compiler is located.


I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with arm gcc 4.7.4 installed  to /usr/arm-none-eabi/


In the KSDK folder /mk/, edit the file common.mk file.

ensure this section is un-commented, and change the path to the appropriate path where arm-none-eabi is installed on your machine.  For me it is /usr/



CC_VERSION := 4.7.4


now cd into the directory of the app you want to build


mac@mac-VirtualBox:$ cd ../apps/hello_world/gcc/frdmk64f120m/


and type make


mac@mac-VirtualBox:$ make
Compiling apps/hello_world/src/hello_world.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/gpio_pins.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/hardware_init.c
Compiling boards/frdmk64f120m/pin_mux.c
Assembling platform/startup/MK64F12/gcc/startup_MK64F12.S
Compiling platform/startup/MK64F12/system_MK64F12.c
Compiling platform/startup/startup.c
Linking hello_world
Output ELF:
Output binary:


See info on setting up gcc & gdb toolchain

gcc compiling + gdb debugging on Kinetis on a Linux host - Kinetis L Examples available

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