Setting Up MIDI Input on a FRDM-K64F

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Setting Up MIDI Input on a FRDM-K64F

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Hi everyone,

I'm programming a synthesizer with MIDI input for a school project, using the K64F. I've been experiencing a lot of difficulty in getting my head wrapped around how to develop a test program to receive MIDI note data using UART (I've seen UART used for MIDI for other MIDI I/O communication with other MCUs, so I'm assuming this is the standard way to do it, but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). I have the whole MIDI input isolation circuit and everything all under control; it's just programming how to receive the incoming data that's confusing me.

If anyone could guide me on how to approach setting up the MIDI communication, I would greatly appreciate it.

As a side-note, our class is not allowed to use Mbed and/or ProcessorExpert, so I can only program my project using bare metal -type code; feel free to talk about any method of getting the MIDI input to work, but I'd prefer if it's mentioned in a bare metal code type of context.


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi Nicholas,

If you installed ksdk 2.0 for FRDM-K64, you may find the following UART demos in the folder of "C:\Freescale\SDK_2.0_FRDM-K64F\boards\frdmk64f\driver_examples\uart", each of them has bare metal code for your reference, please refer to Welcome to Kinetis Expert | Kinetis Expert  to download the KSDK 2.0 for FRDM-K64F.


For more details how to install KSDK 2.0, please refer to How to: install KSDK 2.0

Hope that helps,

Have a great day,

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