KW36 Erase failure

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KW36 Erase failure

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Hi XingChang,


I am working on KW36 micro and I am using J Link Plus debugger to flash the firmware using J Link commander v6.44.

For one of our application, I need to do read/write/erase part of the internal flash. Which caused the device unusable. Tried to do unlock as per the instructions from JLink unlock is successful but fails in erasing the flash.


Please find the below and attached logs from J Link commander:



Please specify device/core. <Default>: MKW36Z512XXX4

Type '?' for selection dialog


Please specify the target interface:

  1. J) JTAG (Default)
  2. S) SWD
  3. T) cJTAG


Specify the target interface speed [kHz]. <Default>: 4000 kHz


Device "MKW36Z512XXX4" selected.



Connecting to target via SWD


Readout protection is set and mass erase is disabled. J-Link cannot unprotect th

e device.

Found SW-DP with ID 0x0BC11477

Scanning AP map to find all available APs

AP[2]: Stopped AP scan as end of AP map has been reached

AP[0]: AHB-AP (IDR: 0x04770031)

AP[1]: JTAG-AP (IDR: 0x001C0020)

Iterating through AP map to find AHB-AP to use

AP[0]: Core found

AP[0]: AHB-AP ROM base: 0xF0002000

CPUID register: 0x410CC601. Implementer code: 0x41 (ARM)

Found Cortex-M0 r0p1, Little endian.

FPUnit: 2 code (BP) slots and 0 literal slots

CoreSight components:

ROMTbl[0] @ F0002000

ROMTbl[0][0]: F0000000, CID: B105900D, PID: 001BB932 MTB-M0+

ROMTbl[0][1]: F0001000, CID: B105900D, PID: 0008E000 MTBDWT

ROMTbl[0][2]: E00FF000, CID: B105100D, PID: 000BB4C0 ROM Table

ROMTbl[1] @ E00FF000

ROMTbl[1][0]: E000E000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB008 SCS

ROMTbl[1][1]: E0001000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB00A DWT

ROMTbl[1][2]: E0002000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB00B FPB

Cortex-M0 identified.

J-Link>unlock Kinetis

Found SWD-DP with ID 0x0BC11477

Unlocking device...O.K.


Erasing device...


****** Error: Failed to erase sectors 0 @ address 0x00000000 (Unspecified error


J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 0.066s (Prepare: 0.055s, Compare: 0.0

00s, Erase: 0.005s, Program: 0.000s, Verify: 0.000s, Restore: 0.005s)

ERROR: Erase returned with error code -5.


Naven Suresh

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee


You can use J-Flash Lite to erase chip.


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