GUI Development on Kinetis (K2x/KV5x)

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GUI Development on Kinetis (K2x/KV5x)

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I am looking for a GUI Library that I can use for GUI development on a K22 (or KV58) MCU. Preferably, the library should be platform independent, and easy to integrate into custom application. However, library must also have a simulator tool available for use to to help speed up code development. License requirement is fine.

What libraries do you suggest?

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hi lsrbigfoot ,

  You can use the segger emwin.

  For K22, you can find the official SDK already contains the emwin code, you can download the the SDK from this link:

 Welcome | MCUXpresso SDK Builder 

The emwin folder:


 KV58 SDK don't have the emwin examples, but I think you can refer to the K22 emwin, and add it.

Wish it helps you!

Have a great day,


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