FNET stack spamming gratuitous ARP messages

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FNET stack spamming gratuitous ARP messages

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Hello all

I am using the fnet stack for a project and I am noticing that my IP address seems to be spamming ARP messages - about 3000 every second. I have looked at the files fnet_arp.h and fnet_arp.c and I have found a function to send the ARP message...

void fnet_arp_send_request( fnet_netif_desc_t netif_desc, fnet_ip4_addr_t ip_addr );

Although, I am not explicitly calling that function within my code. I imagine that function must be embedded in some other fnet utility I am using. But I am not sure how to narrow down which one could be causing the problem.

One other note. Everything in my project is working, meaning that the stack is working as it should, aside from the packet spam. I would just like to free up the network and reduce the number of ARP messages to a reasonable number. 

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