Bootloader for kinetis k40

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Bootloader for kinetis k40

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Does the Tower module TWRK40X256 comes up with any bootloader? I need to use a bootloader on kinetis K40, is there any bootloader available for K40?



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



K40 has not any bootloader, out of reset executes out of internal flash. You have the OSJTAG to program the device using CW, IAR, Keil,...


Regarding bootloaders for Kinetis:



AN4367 : Ethernet Bootloader for MCU (pdf)| AN4367SW |   
This document explains how to modify the .lcf and .icf link files of CodeWarrior and IAR IDEs respectively, in order to...

AN4370 : USB DFU Bootloader for MCUs (pdf)| AN4370SW |   
This document demonstrates how DFU fits in an embedded device and gives examples of implementation using a PC with...

AN4368 : USB Mass Storage Device Host Bootloader (pdf)| AN4368SW |   
Bootloader is a small program put into a device that allows user application codes to be programmed to the...

AN4379 : Freescale USB Mass Storage Device Bootloader (pdf)| AN4379SW |   
This application note describes a mass storage device (MSD) USB bootloader that has been written to work with...


Cehck also AN2295, serial bootloader:



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