Using Kinetis Design Studio v3.x with Kinetis SDK v2.0

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Using Kinetis Design Studio v3.x with Kinetis SDK v2.0

Using Kinetis Design Studio v3.x with Kinetis SDK v2.0

A new Kinetis SDK has been released Jan 29th 2016. This document shows the steps how to use the SDK with Kinetis Design Studio v3.0.0.

Unlike previous SDK's, with the SDK v2.0 it only needs a generic 'new project wizard' inside KDS.


Downloading a Kinetis SDK Package

  1. Go to Welcome to Kinetis Expert | Kinetis Expert
  2. Login with your user NXP name/account
  3. Click on 'Build an SDK' button
  4. If this is your first configuration: select board/processor you want to use
  5. Customize the SDK version, toolchain and Host OS
  6. Build the SDK
  7. Check the Software vault and download the file
  8. Unpack the downloaded archive file to a folder (recommended into c:\nxp (e.g. (c:\nxp\SDK_v2.0-K64F) or into /nxp on other systems)

The above steps are in the attached video 'Kinetis SDK V2.0 Configuration Generation.mp4'


Installing Kinetis SDK v2.0 New Project Wizard in Kinetis Design Studio

  1. Start Kinetis Design Studio
  2. Select Menu Help > Install New Software
  3. Select KDS Update site (Freescale KDS Update Site -
  4. 136458_136458.pngKDS Update Site.png
  5. Install the New Kinetis SDK 2.x Project Wizard

See attached video 'Installing KSDK v2.0 Project Wizard in KDS.wmv'


For offline installation: the wizard can be downloaded from the web site under the Kinetis Design Studio V3.0.0 downloads, e.g. for Windows it is here:



Creating and Debugging KSDK V2.0 Project

  1. Use menu File > New > Kinetis SDK 2.x Project
  2. Select/Browse SDK to be used
  3. Provide project name
  4. Select device/board
  5. Select driver set and RTOS
  6. Press Finish
  7. Build Project
  8. Debug Project

Steps are shown in the attached video 'Create build and debug Kinetis SDK v2.0 project.wmv'



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The online documentation is found here: Kinetis SDK 2.0 API Reference Manual: Introduction

Where is documentation that can be downloaded?  PDFs?

Unfortunately not all places in the world actually have reliable Internet . :-(

Doing things like building SDK packages and reading documentation online forget things like that...


You'll find the PDF (and HTML) version of the API reference manual in the downloaded SDK archive.


When I try to create a test project, at step 3 when I provide a project name "test", I get the error  "Selected directory does not contain Kinetis SDK 2.x for KDS".  I had downloaded and unzipped an SDK for the MK22FX512Axxx.

Hi Michael,

make sure you select 'Kinetis Design Studio' (or 'all') as IDE/toolchain selection. Plain 'gcc' is probably what you had selected.


Thanks, Erich.

I missed that button when I created the SDK.

Is the SDK 2.0 available for all processor types?

I have just tried to select MK10DX256XXX10  and the 2.0 option cannot be selected, only 1.3

If  SDK 2.0 is not yet available for this processor do you have an estimate of when it will be?

Kind regards


Hi Sean,

not yet. I roadmap/list will be published soon, make sure you are following the Kinetis Software Development Kit  community as it should be posted there.


Hi Sean,

see Introducing Kinetis SDK v2 with roadmap details.


Hi Erich,

If I am following the instructions of:

nstalling Kinetis SDK v2.0 New Project Wizard in Kinetis Design Studio

This step is unclear:

3. Select KDS Update site (Freescale KDS Update Site -

Where is KDS Update site?  I am in the Available Software screen.




Ok it seems I had already done this step.

How do I now, update my project to the new FatFs R0.11b or a?




It appears, that I need to extract my in my C:\Freescale\SDK_2.0_K64F

Next, I deleted my existing FatFs file on my existing project, but now I am getting errors.

I realized that the project paths for the FatFs had to be changed, so I went ahead and made the

changes needed.



I compiled, but I am still getting the following errorsfatfs issue.jpg

Any suggestions?


Hi Neil,

I have added a screenshot to make it clear.



Hi Neil,

may I suggest you start a new thread on this in the Kinetis SDK community (Kinetis Software Development Kit ). That would be a better place I think.



The screenshot will make things clear for other people who would have the same issue

I did.

I will open a new thread on the other issue.




Do you have an example using freertos and gpio drivers, for example to turn on and off a led in a FRDM K64 board



Hi Raul,

see the example Jason has posted in this thread:



Where can i find the "New Kinetis SDK 2.x Project Wizard". I can not open the web ""

Hi Robin,

that URL is an Eclipse update site, not a normal web site.

See section above:

Installing Kinetis SDK v2.0 New Project Wizard in Kinetis Design Studio

or section "‘New Project Wizard’ with SDK v2.0 and Kinetis Design Studio"


I hope this helps,


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