KEA128 CAN Bootloader

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KEA128 CAN Bootloader

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KEA128 CAN Bootloader

In most cases, there is no debug interface for user to update the application or fix bugs , so user can use Bootloader. Bootloader is a small program put into a device that allows user using communication interfaces to upgrade application , such as use UART , I2C , USB, CAN and so on.

This application describe a bootloader based on the TRK-KEA128 board with CAN interface. The bootlaoder and user application code are written in separate projects , user can program the bootloader with tools such as J-Link ,Multilink, then boot the application file through CAN. The bootloader and application code are all provided , user can porting it to their own board of KEA/KE chips.


Pay attention to that, if your board is TRK-KEA128 Rev D, you need give a low signal to STB of PC33901 chip to set it in Normal mode:

    GPIOB_PDDR |= (1<<16);
    GPIOB_PCOR = (1<<16);

In other old version boards , for example Rev C, the STB have been connected to ground , so we needn't configure it .

163663_163663.pngpastedImage_4.png 163667_163667.pngpastedImage_5.png



IDE: Kinetis Design Sturio v3.2

Hardware: TRK-KEA128


About the detail code and introduction of this bootloader, please check the attachment .


Thanks for my colleague Jennie Zhang and  Kerry Zhou .

Welcome your valuable advice .


Best  Regards!




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    I tried these Demo codes but found out that some things are not working.

1)Like the CAN Interface in Bootloader code is not working?

2)I ported the UART To CAN Converter code from KE06 To KEA-128 and I tried to connect with Teraterm but I am not able to transfer data using XMODEM Transfer?

3)If you can Explain or write an article of how to Frame CAN Packets for this Bootloader implementation from Hex file, it will be great so that we will develop a GUI and put it here, it will be enough if you show how to do it for a small demo project?

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