SC16IS741A Default behavior

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SC16IS741A Default behavior

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Hello. I try to figure out what's the factory default behavior of the SC16IS741A chip, without any configuration encoded whatsoever, in SPI mode.

- First will it be usable as is, with factory default? Or am I forced to encode configuration setting registers to make it work? (Assuming default settings are OK for my application)
And if yes what will do basically, in SPI mode.

- Is the default word format is 8N1. The datasheet indicates that "no parity" is "default normal condition". But it doesn't indicates the default condition for the stop bit (Is it 1 or 2?).
It would be 0-1 if LCR[2] default is 0. (how could it be without stop bit ???)
And it doesn't indicate the default value for the word length. Here, if the value in LCR[1] and [0] the word length would 5, which is very strange.
So, what are the default values for LCR[2],[1] and [0]?

- In SPI mode, as FIFO is left disabled by default, is it necessary to send a read request ("10000000" followed by the response) or would data flow automatically from RX to SO?
And vice versa: Would it be necessary to send a write request instead of just feeding the data through the circuit?

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