56F84763, firmware update, Bootloader, SDM

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56F84763, firmware update, Bootloader, SDM

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Currently I'm working on a field update for our 56F84763 processors.

And right now I have a problem with the flashing of the device.


Our project is small, so we work with the SDM.

For the flashing I load the flash routine in the program memory RAM of the device. Which is outside the addressable memory space in SDM. Sometimes the flashing works, sometimes it does not. I don't know if its the fault of the actual code or some restrictions in the device.


My actual question is: do the limitations of the SDM (i.e. 16 memory addresses) only apply for access in data memory? Or does the same apply for program memory?

I'd be happy if someone could point me at the right document. I found lots of bits an pieces, but its hard to get the full picture.


Thanks and best regards,



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NXP Employee
NXP Employee

The data and program models are independent.

This is a modified harvard address model.

Data and program addresses are mostly on their different busses and follow different rules.

While this makes the tools more complex, the result is much faster running code that consumes less silicon area and power than forcing Von Nueman.

SDM means small data module.

If you examine the properties of the project in CodeWarrior, you can see in more detail choices for the data and program address models.

SDM is simply a target name put together as an exmaple of one of many project property combinations.

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