FTF Connects - Detroit - August 15-16, 2017

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FTF Connects - Detroit - August 15-16, 2017

FTF Connects - Detroit - August 15-16, 2017

Secure Connected & Automated Vehicles

ADAS: Abstracting Inter Platform Communication in Automotive 

ADAS: An Introduction to S32 Design Studio for Vision IDE and Visual Graph Tools 

ADAS: Artificial Intelligence with CNN and DNN on S32V234 

ADAS: Introduction to NXP Automotive Radar Solutions 

ADAS: LED Drivers and Matrix LED Controller for Auto Exterior Lighting 

ADAS: Using S32V’s for High-Performance/Low-Power Computer Vision and ADAS Safety Applications 

Body Electronics: An OTA Solution for Edge Nodes Using S32K 

Body Electronics: Hands-On Workshop: Edge Node Development with MagniV  

Body Electronics: NXP BLE Solutions for Car Applications 

Clusters & Infotainment: Hands-On Workshop: Introduction to Qt Programming

Clusters & Infotainment: i.MX 8 Graphics and Displays 

Clusters & Infotainment: i.MX 8 Hardware 

Clusters & Infotainment: i.MX 8 Software IP Designed to Accelerate our Customer’s Designs 

Clusters & Infotainment: In-Vehicle Wireless Charging Solutions for Automotive 

Clusters & Infotainment: Introduction to the i.MX 8 System Controller Unit 

Clusters & Infotainment: Tuners – Mercury Car Radio Introduction 

Enabling Technologies: AAA Portfolio Update 

Enabling Technologies: AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive: Overview of the New AUTOSAR CLASSIC 4.3.0 Featu... 

Enabling Technologies: Component Selection—The Make-or-Break Milestone Towards Autonomous Vehicles 

Enabling Technologies: DDR Fundamentals 

Enabling Technologies: Getting Started with AUTOSAR MCAL 

Enabling Technologies: Hands-On Workshop: FreeMASTER Quickstart – Application Development and Debug ... 

Enabling Technologies: Hands-On Workshop: S32 SDK for S32K 

Enabling Technologies: S32 Design Studio Overview 

Enabling Technologies: SBCs and MCUs: The Smart Choice and How to Make it Work 

Enabling Technologies: Semiconductor 101 

Enabling Technologies: The Software Enablement of BlueBox v2.0: From Boot to ADAS Enablement 

Enabling Technologies: Understanding HAB and Code Signing 

Enabling Technologies: Yocto Project™ Tools

Expanded Supply Chain Capabilities and Supply Continuity with NXP 

Functional Safety & Security: Designing for Advanced Functional Safety Requirements - ASIL B/C/D 

Functional Safety & Security: Safety by Software 

Functional Safety & Security: System Basis Chip Portfolio – Solutions for Functional Safety Powe... 

Green Hills: Automotive Cybersecurity Year in Review 

i.MX 8 and 8X Applications Processor Overview 

It’s All About the Space: Printed Circuit Board Design for EMC 

Micron Technology: i.MX 8 Microprocessors Driving Automotive Applications with Micron Memory 

Secure Car Access: Hands-On Workshop: New NXP RF Receiver (Lizard) and Transceiver (MantraCS/F) with... 

Secure Car Access: Hands-On Workshop: S32K Cookbook 

Secure Car Access: Hands-On Workshop: Writing CSEc Security Software on S32K MCU 

Secure Car Access: Motion Wake-Up for Passive Keyless Entry 

Secure Car Access: NXP Automotive Cybersecurity Lifecycle 

Sensors: Automotive Sensor Overview 

Sensors: MEMS for Automotive Safety Applications with Live Demonstration 

Sensors: TPMS Evolutions—Use of BLE Plus Updated Software Support 

Vehicle Dynamics: Battery Management Applications 

Vehicle Dynamics: Cobra 55

Vehicle Dynamics: Simplify your High Voltage / High Current Inverter through Advancements in IGBT Ga... 

Vehicle Networks: Automotive Ethernet PHY+ Software 

Vehicle Networks: Ethernet in Control Systems 

Vehicle Networks: Getting Started with CAN Flexible Data (FD) 

Vehicle Networks: Hands-On Workshop: MPC574xG SDK for Gateway 

Vehicle Networks: Introduction to Ethernet and TCP/IP Networking 

Vehicle Networks: Making Full Vehicle Over The Air Updates a Reality with MPC574xG 

Vehicle Networks: Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), Enable a Predictable, Reliable and Robust Etherne... 

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