Developing an application with BSP Linux

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Developing an application with BSP Linux

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I have a M52277EVM. I want to start to develop an application under Linux, but I'm disoriented.

Could anybody explain briefly to us what are the steps to develop a simple application with the BSP?

or where can I find that information? 

What tools I need?

Thanks in advance.

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NXP Employee
NXP Employee



You first thing you should look at is the user guide for BSP found in the iso file you downloaded. The BSP for MCF52277 use LTIB, please look at for more information.


And of course you should have some basic idea for embedded linux development knowledge like bootloader, kernel configuration, driver development, etc. Please search the Internet for info regarding this.


Here is my suggested book: "Embedded Linux Primer A Practical Real-World Approach".


These will give you a rough idea how to develop, since LTIB will do a lot for you, such as building packages, generating root file system. So you should check LTIB docs for details.


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