T1020:Core not responding error in Codewarrior for T1024 based board

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T1020:Core not responding error in Codewarrior for T1024 based board

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I have NOR flash on my T1024 processor based board.

Initially, in hard coded RCW stage, I am able to successfully flash the RCW to NOR Flash.

Then I change the POR configuration resistors to "boot from NOR flash" setting in order to flash u-boot image.

But I am getting an error saying "CCS: T1020: Core not responding"

Is there any particular reason for this?

Moreover, in hard-coded RCW configuration, 4.7k-ohm resistors are embedded in PCB.

Hence, while changing to NOR flash boot mode, I am just adding 800-ohm pull up or pull down accordingly. So my IFC POR lines are getting divided voltage (0.3V for low and 1.5V for high), but its within VIL/ VIH limits. (So should not be a problem I guess!)


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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport

Hello Shalaka Shinde,

Probably there is problem with RCW configuration, please use QCVS tool to assist you to configure RCW for your custom board.

In addition, you could use CodeWarrior JTAG configuration file overriding RCW feature to check the RCW configuration, then program it to NOR flash.

Please refer to the section "8.4 Setting up a remote system to use a JTAG configuration file" in the document C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\Help\PDF\Targeting_PA_Processors.pdf to configure CodeWarrior JTAG configuration file, please edit CodeWarrior JTAG configuration file for your custom board based on the file for the demo board located in C:\Freescale\CW_PA_v10.5.1\PA\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains\.

If your problem remains, please refer to the following procedure to capture CCS log to me to do more investigation.

Please enable CCS log from "Run->Debug Configurations -><project>-core0_RAM_-Connect(Download)->Edit...->Advanced->Advanced CCS setting->Enable logging", and connect to the target from "Run->Debug Configurations-><project>-core0_RAM_-Connect(Download)->Debug”, the CCS log will be displayed in the console panel in CodeWarrior IDE. If you didn't find anything in the console, please open the panel from Window->Show View->Console, if the CCS log in the console is truncated, please enlarge the console buffer from Window->Preferences->Run/Debug->Console->uncheck "Limit console output".



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