MPC5676 bootup and communication

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MPC5676 bootup and communication

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I am working on MPC567 EVBF XMB evaluation board with MPC5676r daughter board.

1)when I turned on the board with 12V supply it is drawing 0.3A current. Is it the expected value of current consumption?

2)Could you please help me with the ,what kind of evaluation software is required. How to communicate with the processor through any of the communication ports(like RS-232).

3) please help with a code to verify the functionalities of MPC5676r using the MPC567 evaluation board. Also it would be very helpful if I could get a code to toggle a gpio and generate a PWM. I have S32 design studio and Code Warrior installed

Thanks Bhargav

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NXP TechSupport
NXP TechSupport


1. 300mA sounds like reasonable value.

2. and 3. You can check SW examples shared here: 

The first one (PinToggleStationery) contains basic initialization code and also UART communication. This should be nice starting point. You can also re-use some code from other examples written for MPC56xx devices because a lot of modules are the same.



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