Failure building 52259 BSP library

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Failure building 52259 BSP library

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Running v11.0 with the latest patches and can't seem to get the BSP lib to build correctly for the twrMCF52259.

RTCS, PSP, USB, and MFS libs all build fine.

I'm running under an evaluation license and would like to figure this out before it expires.  The BSP did build at one time and allowing me to run/debug the TCP-Serial bridge demo but the build started failing after setting iTTYB in user_config.h to use ISRs on RS232 and recompiling.  Hundreds of errors and the error parser makes no sense, choking on the simplest things but the source looks fine. 

Since then I reverted back to the default user_config.h, reinstalled everything twice but still can't get the BSP to compile.

That demo ran one time and it's been downhill since then

Any help appreciated.


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Contributor III

Just to close this out:

My diab compiler and Windriver tools settings were conflicting with CW.

Loading CW v11 on a fresh W64 install is working great

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