Freescale DSC and the assembly-programming mode...ON!

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Freescale DSC and the assembly-programming mode...ON!

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Freescale DSC and the assembly-programming mode...ON!


As you might already know, assembler statements are used to control the operation of the assembler itself.


The syntax of assembler statements mirrors the syntax of assembly language, and therefore, a guide of FAQs or HOW-TOs is usually provided while working with any given assembler.


Such is the case of the Freescale DSP Assembler, which not only processes assembly code for the Freescale DSP instruction set, but offers a set of useful directives and macros which makes your assembly coding much easier.


So, taking a look at the CodeWarrior-Digital Signal Controller Assembler Manual you'll be able to get acquinted with the directives and macros previously mentioned, and you'll get a step closer in the process of learning and programming Freescale DSPs.


Syntax, expressions and functions are also mentioned within this manual. Take a look at it now!


For more on the subject, follow DebuggerGuys

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