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How to include USB Host MSD in KBOOT

Question asked by Marco Aurelio P. Coelho on Apr 19, 2017
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My customer needs a solution of a bootloader which has to be capable of updating the application firmware through a USB Flash stick that holds the .srec file.


But, unfortunately, it seems that KBOOT supports USB device MSD, but not USB host MSD.


Do you have plans to launch a version that supports USB host MSD?


If you don't, so the only possible way is to merge SDK v. 2 USB Host MSD FatFs demo code with freedom bootloader code which is available in open source code within KBOOT v. 2 package.


We haven't found any tutorial or documentation on how to do that. 


We found that all the SDK v. 2 (for KDS) drivers are already included in the demo as well as their paths in Properties / ARM Compiler Includes, except for USB host files. Actually, USB host folder is not included in KBOOT package. Maybe we can just copy this folder to KBOOT usb folder and link to the files in the project, but, to be sincere, I don't know the conflicts and difficulties we may find on the way.


That is why we are looking for some guidance to go the best way in this process.



Thanks and best regards,


Marco Coelho

Applications Engineer

Siletec Eletronica