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How to tune LVDS clock at 74.25 MHz

Question asked by Christophe Cholet on Sep 23, 2016
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We have a custom board working with an imx6Q and the 3.0.35 ltib version.

We have 2 displays: the first one is a 720x1280 lcd display, running at 74.25 MHz, and the secondth one is a 1280x720 lvds display.

In order to meet specifications, we need to output video on the lvds display with a clock of 74.25 MHz. Up to now, the lvds display uses pll2 at 528 MHz. Since in the clock path, this frequency is divided by 7 and has a multiplicator of 35/N applied, we can only have 528*35/(18*7) = 75.4 MHz or 528*35/(19*7) = 71,5 MHz. But not 74.25 MHz.

We have tried to use pll5 but without success (a 10 MHz clock is generated).


So our question is: is it possible to match a 74.25 MHz frequency on lvds output ? And if yes, by which mean ?


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