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mc912dg128ccpv  developing /compiling envirement?

Question asked by meng zhang on Jun 4, 2015

Hello,we are programing a  mcu (MC912DG128CCPV) to accomplish our requirement.

Because this mcu is out of date, we can obtain only a few materials,  we can not definite which developing/compiling envirement  we need to use is accurate.

Someone suppose that we should use CODE WARRIOR V5.1,including some freescale FAE .But we can see  that CODE WARRIOR V5.1 is using to programme for MC912DG128A mcu on the freescale official website,and MC912DG128C mcu should be programing in COSMIC /ZAP BDM HCS12(paged).

So,we want to definite which developing/compiling envirement  is accurate.

Additionally,we need to using this chip on normal expended norrow mode,and programing to write/read a dual-port we need a free example code,no matter that is programing in C.W. or COSMIC.   Thank you very much.

您好,我们最近在使用一款飞思卡尔芯片,MC912DG128CCPV,我们需要编写这个芯片的程序以完成需要的功能。但是由于芯片比较老旧,我们不清楚这种芯片的开发编译环境,有人认为是CODE warrior5.1,包括一些飞思卡尔技术支持工程师,但是从官网上看mc912dg128A系列新品应该是使用code warrior 5.1,而mc912dg128c系列芯片应该使用COSMIC4.8.6/ZAP BDM HCS12paged)。所以我们希望能确定到底应该使用哪个环境,因为在CW5.0环境开发这个程序的时候时钟配置会出现程序跑飞的情况。另外我们需要设置这种这种新品进入外部扩展模式,以完成外部双口RAM的读写,我们希望得到这种芯片,或者这类芯片的例子程序,无论COSMICCW环境下的都可以