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S12ZVLA128 Timer module 1ms interrupt

Question asked by ocean sea on Jul 9, 2019
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i use the S12ZVLA128 MCU development a product ,now i have a problem.

i set the internal-bus-clock 24MHZ,  CAN bit-rate is 500Kbps.   then i want use the Timer module(TIM16B6CV3),i need a 1ms interrupt ,because i want do someting in the  TIM_interrupt_ISR (for example :switch I/O every 1ms, send a CAN message every 10ms) .  i disable  the precision-timer ,the prescaler maxvalue is bus-clock/128   ,so the Timer frequency is 24000000/128=187500,period is 5.3us  ;this can't meet my requirements ,so,what should i do ? thank you very much!