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Flex CAN between 2 FRDM k64F boards

Question asked by Niranjan ravi on Feb 27, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Niranjan ravi


      I was able to get the demo application of FlexCAN from TWR-K64 board using MCU xpresso as my IDE


 Further when I tried Internal loop-back program of flexCAN example in FRDM k64F,it was successful but when I run the interrupt mode method where I flashed flexCAN code in two FRDM k64F boards. One node being "a" and other being "b" as per the example , it was not successful.


    Connection wise I connected both TX together, Rx together and a common ground. I did not use CAN transreceiver with either of the boards. Am i missing something here?


   Is it because I do not have an external CAN transreceiver here?


   Saw a previous discussion here , something similar : TWR-K60f120m and FRDM-K64f CAN communication 

where it is mentioned I can do without a CAN transreceiver. Both my boards are less than 1m apart and I am using only 2 boards here.

Any directions would be helpful.

Thank you.


IDE: MCU xpresso.

Thanks and Regards