Use LCD_D11 pin for enet reset in iMX28

Document created by Tsung-Fang Tu on Mar 14, 2013
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Dear All,


      Our board is designed based on both EVK and HEG (Adeneo Embedded Home Energy Gateway), the ENET_FEC_RESET_B on EVK is replaced by LCD_D11 as it on HEG. We have re-config all pins based on i.mx28 BSP and successfully built by ltib. However, eth0 is not working due to "PHY is not found"! and we are still trying to figure it out.


      The changes we apply on the BSP are(in mx28evk_pins.c):


in static struct pin_desc mx28evk_fixed_pins[]:

      the definition of LCD_D11 change to

.name = "LCD_D11",
.id = PINID_LCD_D11, /* PHY reset pin*/
.fun = PIN_GPIO,

     .voltage    = PAD_3_3V,

     .strength = PAD_8MA,

     .output     = 0,


     and replace all "PINID_ENET0_RX_CLK" in mx28evk_pins.c by "PINID_LCD_D11"


     To prevent any possible interrupt, we also disable all LCD pins in both mx28_pins.h and mx28evk_pins.c since we don't have LCD.

     Any comment/suggestion is highly appreciate!