HOWTO: Add a new debugger configuration to an existing project

Document created by Mike Doidge Employee on Aug 12, 2019
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When a new application project is created using the New Project Wizard, it is possible to select the debugger to be used. This results in the associated debugger configurations being created within the new project. But what if support for multiple debuggers is required or it is desired to switch to a different debugger? There is an easy way to resolve this. It is as simple as creating another new application project, selecting the new debugger to be supported. Then either directly modifying or copying then modifying the debug configurations to support instead the previously existing project. This minimizes the effort by benefiting from the automation of the New Project Wizard.


Detailed below are the steps to add a new debug configuration.


Add S32 Debugger configuration

  1. Create new project
    1. New -> S32DS Application Project
    2. New Project Wizard, processor and toolchain page
      1. Enter a project name
      2. Select the device and core to match the existing project
      3. If necessary, select the toolchain to match the existing project
      4. Click Next
    3. New Project Wizard, cores and parameters page
      1. Select the number of cores to match the existing project
      2. Select the debugger, S32 Debugger
      3. If necessary, select other parameters to match the existing project
      4. Click Finish
  2. Open existing project which does not already have the S32 Debugger debug configurations (for this demonstration, we will use the hello_world_s32v234 example project from the S32 SDK)
  3. Copy debug configurations and modify settings to adapt to existing project
    1. Run -> Debug Configurations...
    2. Debug Configurations window
      1. Within the S32 Debugger grouping, select the debug configuration for the new project which corresponds to the build configuration and core of the existing project
      2. Change the name of the debug configuration. Change the portion of the name containing the project name to match the name of the existing project.
      3. Main tab
        1. Project field
          1. Click Browse...
          2. Select existing project
        2. C/C++ Application
          1. Click Search Project...
          2. Select the ELF file
      4. Common tab
        1. Save as field
          1. Click Browse...
          2. Select {existing_project_name}\Project_Settings\Debugger
      5. Debugger tab
        1. Debug Probe Connection
          1. Setup connection parameters
      6. Click Apply
      7. Repeat as needed for all core/build config options
  4. The existing project now has the S32 Debugger configurations and is ready for debug with the S32 Debug Probe.