Example S32K116 WDOG Fast Test

Document created by Daniel Martynek Employee on Nov 27, 2018Last modified by Daniel Martynek Employee on Oct 29, 2019
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Detailed Description:
WDOG tested in SystemInit() function (system_S32K116.c) after POR.
For debugging purposes:
- WDOG counter reference clock is pre-scaled to slow the test (CS_PRES = 1).
- During CNT_LOW test, BLUE LED (PTE8) ON.
- During CNT_HIGH test, RED LED (PTD16) ON.
- Once both tests have passed, GREEN LED (PTD15) ON.
If either of the test fails, WDOG will stay in its default configuration and rest the MCU.
Test HW: S32K116EVB-Q048 REV.B
MCU: S32K116 0N96V
Debugger: S32DSR1, OpenSDA
Target: internal_FLASH