Two or more eFlexPWM synchronization for KV4x, KV5x, MC56F84xxx and MC56F82xxx

Document created by xiangjun.rong Employee on Sep 15, 2017
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The documentation describes how to have two eFlexPWM module to synchronize based on MC56F84789, give the waveform of PWM signals copied from oscilloscope, which shows that all PWM signals from eFlexPWMA and eFlexPWMB are synchronized.

For eFlexPWMA, the master sync signal is used to synchronize the other subn-modules of eFlexPWMA. For eFlexPWMB module, the eFlexPWMA generates PWMA0_TRIG signal(which is the same signal as master sync signal of eFlexPWMA), the PWMA0_TRIG signal are connect to the PWMB0_EXT_SYNC, PWMB1_EXT_SYNC, PWMB2_EXT_SYNC  via crossbar.

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